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A Believer’s Ability To Heal The Land

In the modern Church there is a foundational principle that has been generally missed by theologians, preachers, Church leaders and people of prayer that I believe could be among the most freeing revelations of creation and our inheritance as children of God. I'm speaking of the land which we have inherited from our heavenly Father. Psalms 115:16 "The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but t...
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Spice Of Life (Biblical Spices)

by Wayne C Anderson Shir HaShirim means, Song of Songs in Hebrew. It is the title to that greatly misunderstood book in the bible that the Greek/Roman culture called the “Song of Solomon.” Song of Songs is an allegory and God’s words in this book can never be understood if read/translated “literally.” Let me give you a few powerful instances: A Jewish theologian by the name of, Harav David...
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The Courage To Change – Serving Our Way To Freedom

The Courage To Change - Serving Our Way To Freedom by Wayne C Anderson At the inception of democracy, there was a lofty idea of government that is oriented to and from the people of society. That is, government without elitism. In the “new Americas” the people could no longer live with the tyranny of an elite king and power lusting lords who had no social reasoning except for what was good ...
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