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Something That Moves Mountains

by Wayne C Anderson We’ve all heard it said; “honesty is the best policy.” That’s cute but the most important time for honesty is when we are facing God. Honesty at the very deepest parts of your being is what is absolutely necessary to have meaningful dialogue with the Master. Hiding the things we fear from Him is fraudulent. Keeping pain a secret from Him is dishonest. Confession only to t...
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The Courage To Change – Serving Our Way To Freedom

The Courage To Change - Serving Our Way To Freedom by Wayne C Anderson At the inception of democracy, there was a lofty idea of government that is oriented to and from the people of society. That is, government without elitism. In the “new Americas” the people could no longer live with the tyranny of an elite king and power lusting lords who had no social reasoning except for what was good ...
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