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Events Form

This is where you build the events that will populate the websites.

  • Theme? or something to go on the title of the event post...
  • This is an opening line for about 96 + character stokes... This shows up on the front page of the respective website as a leader.
  • Kevin? Wayne? Others?
  • Name of Church or Ministry that is sponsoring this event
  • Where will this event take place? Think of people using their phone or gps to get directions to the meeting place. The full address of where the event will take place should be placed here.
  • Who's putting this event together?
  • Beginning Date goes here for this event. For multiple days, see below...
  • :
  • Website for Church/Ministry Conducting Event. This may be helpful for the construction of the Event ads. If there is no web presence or FaceBook page, use your own website here...
  • What do you want to say to entice people to come to this event?
  • This is where you place multiple days, different meeting hours, notes that are important, etc. This is where you can make a special OpForce Intercessor statement about this event being a prayer target. Put any important event information here, that is not above.
  • What do you want this event to say to your OpForce Intercessors?
    Complete your personal calendar correctly. Post this event on the FaceBook OpForce Group. Do you want it on the OpForce Website? Do you want it on the OpForce Email update?

Be colorful in speech as if advertising.

Anita uses this information and you want people to come.