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Compact Disk Messages

You can order your Compact Disk Messages by Wayne C Anderson are mailed to you to add to your listening library!

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  • Table Of The Lord (CD)

    $ 9.00

    The Table Of The Lord is an apostolic revelation that will put the power of God back into this great doctrine of our faith!   Communion, like you’ve never heard it before! Not a religious ceremony!  A revelation of Jesus Christ! A proclamation of our inheritance! A great weapon of our warfare that is not of the natural!


  • Home Is Where The Throne Is (CD)

    $ 9.00

    “Home is Where the Throne is!”

    The substance of God’s love is revealed like never before as Wayne writes of his personal experiences of going to the Throne of the Lord and sitting on the Father’s lap! The Throne Room experience, as well as several other spiritual incidents, make this book a must for your reading pleasure. What incredible revelation comes from heaven!

    (Also available as a Book)

  • Healing Of Rejection (CD)

    $ 9.00

    What a diabolical spirit that has ravaged God’s people! Wayne reveals his own experiences and prays the prayer of deliverance. You can even hear deliverance taking place in the audience. Listen and let the Holy Spirit deal with the rejection in your life!


  • Forgiveness & The Anointed Forgetter (CD)

    $ 9.00

    Forgiveness & The Anointed Forgetter!”

    These are “Matters Of The Heart” for forgiving and FORGETTING! This message digs deep and lets the liberating power of God’s creative authority relieve every hearer of the pains of the past. Betrayal? No problem.

    This message is also available in DVD

  • The Case Of Mistaken Identity (CD)

    $ 9.00

    Too many unsuspecting well-meaning Christians blame the devil for God’s works, praise the Lord for the devil’s deeds and generally blame their circumstances on the wrong person. By this means, false accusations take place every day. Let’s learn the principles of just who’s who and what’s what…

  • Healing The Father Heart (CD)

    $ 9.00

    Healing The Father Heart

    This message by Wayne C Anderson will open your heart and give you a new understanding of your infinite relationship with your heavenly Father. There is sure to be a deep, deep healing for your if you will listen with your heart to this message and not with your intellect. The balm that Wayne uses to heal the heart of the lover of God is a heavenly substance that is a treasure to be found. Come. Listen. Be blessed.


  • The Way Of Peace- The Jesus Journey (CD)

    $ 12.00

    The Way Of Peace! 

    Come and Journey with Wayne C Anderson along THE WAY! Jesus said, “I AM the WAY, the truth and the life…” The ancient Hebrew perspective tells us that He IS our journey and He is also our Prince of Peace. Revelation of this journey in His peace is a non-forgettable experience. You will want to hear this message and come journey with the Master.

  • Prayer That Changes The World! (CD)

    $ 9.00

    Prayer That Changes The World!

    Given herein to you is a simple triad of strength that will cause you to be victorious. The three structural aspects of prayer will undoubtedly change the world around you if you will implement them in your daily prayer life. Come on and change the world!

  • Community (CD)

    $ 9.00


    Community! God is all about community. All of creation tells us about the importance of community and relying upon one another. God still does it and He will always do it. God the Father is all about community. This highly revelatory message comes to you from Wayne C Anderson & Rick Wilson. Get it.

  • There Is A Future & A Hope (CD)

    $ 9.00

    There is A Future & A Hope (CD)
    A revelatory message to show you how to enter into the rest of the Lord and a correct perspective on how to see your future. Stop ‘just letting your tomorrows happen’ – but learn how to see, to have vision, to walk with a joyful expectation.

  • Symphony Of The Hearts (CD)

    $ 9.00

    Symphony of the Heart (CD)

    Different areas fight different battles (that are common to us all) simply because each area has (by God’s design) a major roll to play, contributing to the potential maturity of us all.
    Learn now to open your heart, build skills so you function from the heart – daily storing up treasure in heaven through this simple but profound lesson.

  • Heavenly Substance – The Will Of God Being Done (CD)

    $ 9.00

    Heavenly Substance!

    The substance of God’s love is revealed as Wayne tells of his personal experiences in the Throne Room of the Father of lights and sitting on the Father’s lap! The Throne Room experience, as well as several other spiritual incidents, lead you to revelation that comes from heaven to the land!