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Community (CD)

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Community! God is all about community. All of creation tells us about the importance of community and relying upon one another. God still does it and He will always do it. God the Father is all about community. This highly revelatory message comes to you from Wayne C Anderson & Rick Wilson. Get it.

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Genesis One: One “In the beginning God created…” The word “God” is the ancient Hebrew word “Elohim” which is actually the word for God in the plural. There is only ONE God. That plural form is an idiom that says in the third Hebrew word of all the scriptures that our Creator wants community. He later told Adam that it is not good that man should be alone. God never intended on being alone.

Community is important to God. Community is important to every living creature. We have no success by being out there – running alone. That’s even obnoxious to say. “I did it” is unimpressive. “We did it together” brings inner joy.

Hear this message with your heart and be impacted with the love of God and the love of many around you.

Wayne C Anderson & Rick Wilson bring this transforming message to you that you will never regret taking the time to listen to several times.