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There Is A Future & A Hope (CD)

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There is A Future & A Hope (CD)
A revelatory message to show you how to enter into the rest of the Lord and a correct perspective on how to see your future. Stop ‘just letting your tomorrows happen’ – but learn how to see, to have vision, to walk with a joyful expectation.

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There is A Future & A Hope (CD)

The glorious walk of salvation in Christ is not magic, nor chance, nor is it found in riches or fame. There is a future that is placed before you. Right now there is a future that you are traveling into. Without enacting a joyful expectation by faith in God’s promises, the future will be out of your control and simply happen the ways others would have it happen.
Free yourself of the pains and sorrows in life and dare to imagine all God’s promised you. See it, say it, feel it, and walk into your future God’s way.