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Healing & Deliverance – Part 1 – MACH ONE (DVD SET)

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There is a surge of spiritual happenings in the world today that would tell us that we need to know the power of God like never before. We cannot possible have the skills of divine healing and true salvation to minister to the needs of this world if we do not understand the powerful principles of “casting out demons” and dealing with evil that is constantly in our faces. Wayne C Anderson shares his decades of experience with you from the basics of “Mach ONE!” of “Healing & Deliverance!”

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Healing & Deliverance MACH ONE is Part ONE of a series on Healing and Deliverance Ministry –

This 3 DVD SET Comes with a syllabus.
Also available in MP3 Audio files on SD memory card.

Wayne C. Anderson has over three decades of experience in deliverance ministry. He originally learned from Dr. Lester Sumrall and Dr. T. L. Osborn as well as, Charles & Frances Hunter in healing and deliverance ministry. His skills and practical knowledge of miracle ministry have spanned over six continents and 30 nations. The knowledge and experience that Wayne teaches with, concerning the ministrations of the authority of the believer and deliverance from the powers of darkness, are remarkable in this day and age.

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