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Healing The Father Heart (CD)

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Healing The Father Heart

This message by Wayne C Anderson will open your heart and give you a new understanding of your infinite relationship with your heavenly Father. There is sure to be a deep, deep healing for your if you will listen with your heart to this message and not with your intellect. The balm that Wayne uses to heal the heart of the lover of God is a heavenly substance that is a treasure to be found. Come. Listen. Be blessed.


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Healing The Father Heart

Elijah, has been known as “the prophet of Fire” and the Lord says that he comes with a refiners fire to melt away all stony places, cleansing and healing our hearts.
This is a fresh look at love from our Father’s perspective – an ability to look through our Father’s eyes.
This message is sure to open the eyes of your understanding and show you: Inheritance; His promises; His workings; His creation; His rescue; and land(s) He gives you. Learn how to further fill the treasure chest (your heart) with Him! Let us start loving others God’s way. His love is intoxicating and brings restoration.