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The Way Of Peace- The Jesus Journey (CD)

$ 12.00

The Way Of Peace! 

Come and Journey with Wayne C Anderson along THE WAY! Jesus said, “I AM the WAY, the truth and the life…” The ancient Hebrew perspective tells us that He IS our journey and He is also our Prince of Peace. Revelation of this journey in His peace is a non-forgettable experience. You will want to hear this message and come journey with the Master.

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The Way Of Peace!

Journey is the ancient Hebrew understanding of our lives and the “WAY” in all we do.
Jesus is THE WAY. Take a refreshing look and gain understanding about the journey we are on, and now to reach our destination. Jesus said, “My Peace, I give to you.” See how ‘the route of travel’ (our journey) is an important aspect that needs our utmost attention.
To walk in THE WAY is a revelation on how to maintain a Heart of Peace throughout our journey.
We do not have to allow our hearts to be troubled and we can learn how (through Peace) to win every war, cause all storms in our lives to be still. Listen and experience the incredible flow of His Peace filling us as we embrace Him as THE WAY.