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The Case Of Mistaken Identity (CD)

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Too many unsuspecting well-meaning Christians blame the devil for God’s works, praise the Lord for the devil’s deeds and generally blame their circumstances on the wrong person. By this means, false accusations take place every day. Let’s learn the principles of just who’s who and what’s what…

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The Case Of Mistaken Identity!

It’s time for Christians to know who the devil is, and that he is not only a defeated foe, but defeatable as well! This message explains the exciting revelation of who is who in the great spiritual battles that we face, who and where the devil is, and how we fight this formidable foe? Don’t get your circumstances mixed up – but know who it is that you are fighting!

A new and updated version of this message will be coming soon! This is one of Wayne’s favorite messages and he’s about to present it again.



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