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Symphony Of The Hearts (CD)

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Symphony of the Heart (CD)

Different areas fight different battles (that are common to us all) simply because each area has (by God’s design) a major roll to play, contributing to the potential maturity of us all.
Learn now to open your heart, build skills so you function from the heart – daily storing up treasure in heaven through this simple but profound lesson.

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Symphony of the Heart (CD)

There is a great difference in nations, states/provinces, regions, cities, towns, villages, and even neighborhoods. Each is another arena and spirit realm of intercessory battle. The “accuser of the brethren” “roams like a lion seeking whom he may devour.”
Yet each territory of the earth is a land with a particular destiny that will eventually come together with all other lands to fulfill the one great destiny and purpose of the Father of Lights.
For instance, Kansas is called the ‘heartland’ and the ‘bread basket’ of our country. Why? Because her collective heart is meant to feed a spiritually starving nation. Therefore, ‘the battle of the mind’ is greatly intensified in Kansas.
Wayne C Anderson makes many critical statements about how we should be poising ourselves for the battles that are before us in order to see the destiny of our lands come forth.