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Something That Moves Mountains

by Wayne C Anderson
We’ve all heard it said; “honesty is the best policy.” That’s cute but the most important time for honesty is when we are facing God. Honesty at the very deepest parts of your being is what is absolutely necessary to have meaningful dialogue with the Master. Hiding the things we fear from Him is fraudulent. Keeping pain a secret from Him is dishonest.
Confession only to the depths that our shame will allow is a counterfeit to truth and to real peace. Confession of sin to the Lord should always be to the depths of our being – the very fibers that make up our existence. Then, and only then is our soul cleansed unto real purity and true devotion by the saving grace of the Lord Jesus’ death will cause us to rise in newness, even as He broke the chains of death and rose from the dead.
It is hard to forgive others when we have not experienced forgiveness ourselves. Yet if we do not forgive, the Lord does not back us up with our faith activities. (see Mark 11)
Thus, it is hard to hear the voice of God or understand when He is speaking to us when our innermost beings are clouded, covered, even sheltered in dishonesty in the least.
The answer is to be honest on a regular basis with the Lord. Your conversations with Him should be brutally honest, knowing and believing that He will restore the honest soul to a place of victory, a place of exceedingly great joy. If “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” then that deep abiding honesty with hearing the glorious voice of the
Lord and the result will be mountain moving faith!
Honesty is good stuff. Try it. You’ll like it. Allot.