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The Christmas Story

I like to schedule a few days at churches between Thanksgiving and Christmas just to reveal the years of study that I have put into what is behind the Christmas story.

I like to call it something like, “Oh! What a Night!” or, “What’s Behind those Nativity Scenes?”

The first 3 of these videos I was in Issaquah, Washington with Steven & Jodi McMullin and the Kingdom Praise Church for 3 services doing the Christmas Revelation of Jesus Christ. I have embedded the videos for you below.

“God’s Joseph”

Christmas Story 1:God’s Joseph from Steve McMullin


“The Heavens Declare The King Of The Jews!”

Christmas Story 2: Heavens Declare The King Of The Jews from Steve McMullin


“The Story Of Christmas: God’s Total Commitment”

The Story Of Christmas: God’s Total Commitment from Steve McMullin



2011, I told the Christmas Story at Revival Outreach Center in Tampa Bay, Florida on Sunday Morning, December 11th. My son Joshua received the offering for the meeting in the beginning of this next video. Rick Wilson does a very powerful evangelistic call for people to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

“The Bethlehem We Needed”

The Christmas Story from ROCWired.com

If you would like for us to try to schedule a Christmas Story service in your church next Christmas season (2016), please leave us a comment below so we can contact you.