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Who Has Déjà Vu?

There have been scientific studies done for many years on the subject of déjà vu, but I’ve not read any conclusive evidence explaining only physical, emotional or situational reasons for it happening. I’ve even read some scientists who studied their own déjà vu events which came to no real substantive explanation. In my studies of this subject, I have found that some déjà vu experiences might be due to blood chemistry or emotional distresses.

Let’s first look at what we have commonly referred to as déjà vu and see if there might be some even more defining useful terms.

  • déjà vu (meaning “already seen” is usually an intense sensation that the situation or place you are in has been experienced already)
  • presque vu (meaning “almost seen” intense feeling of being on the verge of having a powerful epiphany, insight, or revelation, without yet achieving it)
  • déjà rêvé (meaning “already dreamed” is the feeling of having already dreamed something that you are now experiencing)
  • déjà entendu (meaning “already heard” is the experience of feeling sure about having already heard something, even though the exact details are uncertain)
  • jamais vu (meaning “never seen” is an uncanny abnormal sensation despite rationally knowing the situation prior as a knowledge that this is about to turn out bad or good)

All of these sensational events are likely to be explained as simply déjà vu.

However, the spiritual side of this subject is more likely to be the answer. Although déjà vu is a well-known event and term in all of our lives, it is never mentioned in the scriptures, nor have I ever found it biblically explained. Nonetheless, it is a very real part of our lives. Well, perhaps it is explained biblically but is obscured by miraculous events?

Angels appear to people like Mary & Joseph and tell them of events that will take place. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Gideon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc., all have angelic and spiritual visitations that speak of people, places, things and happenings that are in the future – some in their own futures.

If we study the dreams of Joseph in the beautiful Christmas Story, we find that the angel (probably Gabriel) had somehow stepped into his dreamscape and warned him of future events.1 Joseph awoke and lived those things out that he had dreamfully seen. Although the scripture doesn’t fully explain what Joseph was seeing or experiencing in his dreams, we do know by the biblical rhetoric that he saw things in dreams that would come to pass in the future. This Joseph was a namesake to Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel who was known as “Joseph the dreamer”2 and a dream interpreter. I believe, the second Joseph was a spirit’s image of the first.

There are quite a number of biblical events that can further explain the subject of déjà vu as a very spiritual experience.

It is said that everyone dreams. It is well known that not everyone remembers their dreams. I’ve known lots of people who have déjà vu experiences who say they never remember their dreams.

Although one forgets their dreams is not proof that they have not been visited by angels in their dreamscapes and had the placement of future events, people, places or situations into their lives. That being said, we must then see how important dreams are to our lives.

Angels, as well as the Holy Spirit Himself, manifest in all aspects of our lives. We have been “fearfully and wonderfully made,”3 and therefore the Creator can use every aspect and working system of our very being to His Kingdom advantage. That means He uses visions, dreams, “ekstasis”4and visitations to guide us into our destined inheritance.

The bottom line is that the Holy One and His angels are working with us whether we know and understand that or do not. “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?”5

We are designed to hear and see the Kingdom of heaven because we are re-born from above. It is written, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.”6
Many déjà vu experiences are revelations of our steps being ordered by the Yehovah.




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