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Wayne C & Irene Joy Anderson have written a number of books that are instructive, prophetic, revelatory and inspiring. Please consider adding them to your library today. All of our books are now being made available on Amazon and there are Kindle e-book versions of each.

  • 40 Days of Prayer & Healing

    $ 14.98

    “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up.”

    As believers we should not be coping with weakness, chronic pain, sickness, disease and the effects of trauma in our bodies and lives. There is a healing substance that flows from the throne of Yehovah and we access that flow through prayer. It is every believer’s destiny to be a man/woman of prayer.

    Wayne C & Irene Joy Anderson have taken the message of the Kingdom to the nations and now they are arming believers with prayer that is effective: “and pray for one another, that you may be healed. Very strong is a righteous petition, being made effective.” – James 5:16 (LITV)

    Now available on Amazon Kindle

    Now available on Amazon



  • Change The World with Prayer

    $ 13.49
    You can Change The World with Prayer but to do so you must enter into the wonder filled school of world changing prayer with the Master Himself. Jesus (Yeshua) was being watched as He was praying (Luke 11:1). His disciples saw the miraculous effects of His prayers. They were His disciples in order to be like Him and to produce the same effects in the world. So, they asked Him how to pray. The “Lord’s Prayer” is actually His teaching of prayer.
    Come as His disciple and learn from the Master. Come through the gates of heaven into His courts and learn the effective principles that will manifest measurable results, so that when you pray things will start changing. The world is beginning to be very different.

    √ Large Print Edition


  • Communing With The Father – At the Table of the Lord

    $ 12.99
    Your hope is found only in the Presence of the Lord!
    This is a book about the Presence of the Lord through the great and wonderful delivering power of the Passover, which is the Communion Table: The Table Of The Lord. 
    Wayne C. Anderson reveals the everlasting and eternal truths in a simplistic way, so that every believer might enter in to the life changing Presence of the Father. 
    Come into the Father’s House. Be seated at His Table. His Table is set with an abundance of the many promises of the Lord. His Table is wonderful. Communion is the answer to everything you need!
    Find out how this Table Of The Lord is for you!

    √ Large Print Edition Amazon Prime


  • Home Is Where The Throne Is

    $ 14.29
    This book will bring hope and vision to every reader on many levels.
    You will sense a new awakening of joy and confidence and a new reality of heaven where those who have already gone home to be with the Lord are certainly gathered.
    Heaven is not a child’s fable but reality from which everything exists. The Father’s love is the central theme of everything that is taking place.
    Let there be no doubt about a believer’s eternal dwelling place.
    This book will take you all the way to the Throne of God.

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    √ Check this book out available Amazon Prime: Here

    Large Print Edition (Bookman Old Style font, 16 pt)


  • Tune in for Adventures In Religion with John G. Lake (Book)

    $ 13.29

    Tune in for Adventures In Religion with John G. Lake (Book):  As a prominent researchist of the life and ministry of John Graham Lake in the early 1980’s, Wayne C Anderson compiled and commented upon from a wealth of knowledge and understanding as a revivalist. Wayne became the 7th President of Lakes denomination, The Ministerial Fellowship of the USA.

    This book gives to the reader a journey into the past; The year was 1935 and radio was only begin to become popular. These are the radio sermons that John Graham Lake preached, (and more).

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