Double Portion Deliverance


  • The Ecclesia must learn to steward the inheritance
  • The decrees of the Divine Will come from the authority of the inheritance given
  • The inheritance has the jurisdiction
  • The Ecclesia is able to pronounce and activate the manifestation of the inheritance

At the Table of the Lord

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When the term "double portion” is used
in the scripture and in Hebrew culture,
it is not a mathematical phrase or a quantum number.
It is an idiom that relates to the dividing
of inheritance among children.

When the father dies he leaves an inheritance to his children
and it is to be divided up equally.
But there is an added equal portion that is added
to the first born son’s inheritance.
That means there is a double portion of inheritance
that is given to the eldest son for a purpose.
Typically, one of the two portions is meant to be the eldest sons
personal wealth but he is to use the second portion to produce
wealth in the coming generations in the family name.

This message is an in-depth look at how our inheritance increases our heavenly fortunes here on earth as well as in heaven. For, "Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven!"

Your personal heavenly inheritance is found at the Table Of The Lord. Here, prosperity abounds.


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