Kingdom of Love


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There Is Substance that fills the entirety of heaven. It is the love of the Father and flows from the depths of His heart.
There are two foundational principles of the Kingdom of God that cannot be denied by true believers: Love & Family

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From Love comes Family. The first commandment of Yehovah is to be fruitful and multiply. Besides species reproduction there are other connotations to what Yehovah said.
Love grows and becomes Family.
Although reproduction is necessary it is not absolute.
"In His holy dwelling Elohim is a Father of the fatherless, and Judge for the widows.” Psalms 68:5 (LITV)

Our Creator is our Father. The Son is Our Savior. We are children of the Father.

Our stewardship of life is simply love God and love one another.
Therefore, “I’m no longer a slave to fear - I am a child of God!"

This message is revelatory and empowering to every believer. His Kingdom truly is the Kingdom of Love.


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