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Communing With The Father – At the Table of the Lord

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Your hope is found only in the Presence of the Lord!
This is a book about the Presence of the Lord through the great and wonderful delivering power of the Passover, which is the Communion Table: The Table Of The Lord. 
Wayne C. Anderson reveals the everlasting and eternal truths in a simplistic way, so that every believer might enter in to the life changing Presence of the Father. 
Come into the Father’s House. Be seated at His Table. His Table is set with an abundance of the many promises of the Lord. His Table is wonderful. Communion is the answer to everything you need!
Find out how this Table Of The Lord is for you!

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For centuries, it has been called Communion, the Last Supper, the Lord’s Supper, Eucharist, Mass, etc.
But most Christians don’t know that it is actually Passover in it fulness and refreshed to apply to every believer, every day of life.
The books of Malachi calls it the Table Of The Lord.
We are talking of a very spiritual place that the Lord bids each and every believer to come into His house – The Father’s House – and sit with Him at His Table.
This book unleashed the individual authority of the believer to be in the Father’s Presence and partake of His glorious Table, and cause deliverance to take place in their own lives and the lives of those whom they love.
Communing With The Father – at the Table Of The Lord is a renewed look and an eternal voice of freedom and liberty to the Blood bought saints of the Most High.
The Table Of The Lord is the place to find the atmosphere of miracles!
If you will apply the principles in this book, you will find a paradigm shift in your life that is without comparison to anything else that you have ever tried to do in order to be liberated.
Your intimacy with the Father will take you into glorious realms. Your intercessions for others will be strengthened beyond compare.
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