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Financial Reformation – Volume One (Book)

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Learning to RECEIVE!  God wants to make the world jealous of the Church!  Here is a growing series of messages on the prosperity that is intended for every child of God!  You’ve never heard it like this. This is a most holy subject, and Wayne & Irene deal with it in a most holy manner. Breakthrough is a surety!


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Financial Reformation – Volume One (Book):  As you read the messages that this book delivers to you, your journey will take you into the realms of God!

This is not just a book but it is an experience with the Spirit of God. If you allow these principles to get into your soul and you act upon them with your faith in Jesus Christ, not only will you prosper over time but you will also cause those around you to do the same.

The messages of this book are revelatory excursions into the eternals of the King of all kings. Messages like:

Matter of Giving & Receiving, The Season of Planing, The Value of Joy, The Crown of Thorns Broke the Power of Poverty, Rebuke the Devourer, The Kingdom Enlarges As A Mustard Seed, Enlarging By 100 Fold, Enlargement of Your Spirit, God’s Investment Plan, Thanksgiving – Uniting the Dynamics of Heaven with Earth, Giving God Glory!

You’ll want to keep this book close in order to journey through the revelations of the Kingdom of heaven and experience the changes it can bring to your life!


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