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Home Is Where The Throne Is

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This book will bring hope and vision to every reader on many levels.
You will sense a new awakening of joy and confidence and a new reality of heaven where those who have already gone home to be with the Lord are certainly gathered.
Heaven is not a child’s fable but reality from which everything exists. The Father’s love is the central theme of everything that is taking place.
Let there be no doubt about a believer’s eternal dwelling place.
This book will take you all the way to the Throne of God.

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Large Print Edition (Bookman Old Style font, 16 pt)
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Forever changed! The substance of heaven and the love of the Father, Creator of all that exists, changed my life – my heart forever.

This book is about life in the realms of heaven that are taking place right now, and that life will go on forever without any end.

The Throne room is a place of intercession, and a place of the will of God expressed unto the earth. From there the future is molded and shaped by the Father’s will. His Kingdom is forever. The government of His Kingdom is ever increasing being activated by angels and His beloved children.

The foundations of the Kingdom of heaven being manifest upon the earth begin with the children of God the Father. Each child of the Father has been given their individual authority from the Creator by inheritance, to pronounce justice upon the earth.

The realms of heaven are so real that there is constant pull upon the hearts of the believers who are here on the earth to go there, into the loving arms of the Father.

The commands from the Throne are making the future happen and His announcement of the greatest harvest of souls that has ever touched the earth.

You don’t want to miss this life changing read. Look through the portals of the spiritual realms and see the Kingdom of heaven in operation. The substance of heaven is sure to change your life.

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