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A Very Warm Welcome

Greetings to you!
A Very Warm Welcome into the internet home of Wayne C. Anderson & Joshua Anderson!

All of us that are part of the Standsure Ministries team are delighted that you have come for a look and a read.

This is a place where we post teachings, archive articles that are written by Wayne. We also announce happenings and tell a few yarns, here. We’re trying to make it kinda like sittin’ around a warm fireplace having a chat with an old friend. Here you can purchase our ministry products which we expect to be a life changing adventure for you in every individual message that you take in. You can also Partner with us to help make the message of the Kingdom that we carry go unto the nations.

Celeste A. & Joshua J. Anderson

Our passionate desire is to continually manifest the ministry of Jesus Christ and see His divine healing substance touch the lives of those in need. So, you can expect to hear lots about those kinds of things…

On the menu above you can navigate to our “Blog” link. Or, you can keep track of us on the “Itinerary” page, and please be sure to “Shop” our ministry products. The “Live” in that menu bar is where you will occasionally be able to see the services where we minister, if they have live streaming video available.

Irene Joy & Wayne C Anderson

If you become a Standsure “Partner With Us“, you’ll receive a monthly article and audio and/or video teaching each month, as well as a special partners website where you get lots of free downloads, including mp3’s of Wayne reading the Psalms from the ancient Hebrew texts, and even take “The Table Of The Lord” (communion) with Wayne via video. Please consider becoming a ministry partner with us, without our Partners, we cannot reach the nations with the Kingdom messages that the Lord gives unto us.

For more on the spot information about us and what we are doing, hook up with us on FaceBook & Twitter. You can even catch a glimpse of our fun and informative YouTube Videos as well. Be sure to view the buttons in the columns for up to date happenings and exciting adventures.

We pray that you are continually blessed!

Remember, “It’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!”

Thanks for stopping by…

Please, also visit our International Apostolic Ministries website to learn more about the central thrust of our ministry. IAMtheway.org
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