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with Wayne C. & Stephanie Anderson


love based apostolic ministry

Welcome To Standsure Ministries Web Experience!

it is our hope; it is our prayer that you will be intimately touched by the loving person of the Holy Spirit as you peruse this website. as you scroll down the page, you’ll be introduced to the streams of kingdom ministry that we have constructed through our faith in Jesus Christ. we are a love-based ministry in all that we build and all that we do. our heart’s desire is that ABBA’s love will blanket – envelop you now. we thank God for you.

Table of the Lord is Online

always a great experience!
the table with wayne & stephanie anderson
wayne & stephanie take about 20 minutes to bring and all new and powerful divine tableview with revelations on Yaweh’s deliverance power & restoration of His family

Shop for our Books

standsure press with books, cd’s, audio downloads, video downloads & lots of really cool stuff that you will want to purchase

Partnering Ministry

our partners get our first & foremost attention! we continually pray for our ministry financial partners. we minister prophetic insight to our partners in a personal way. our partners get special messages, their own website chock full of revelatory stuff

Ministry Events

wayne  & stephanie have traveled extensivly and desire to see you at an event near you. please watch for our coming events and attend our ministry events. powerful, miraculous, revelatory ministry takes place. we want to see you there!

International Apostolic Ministries

wayne & stephanie and our standsure ministries team are part of the apostolic team of Internatoional Apostolic Ministries (I.A.M.) check us out and consider becoming an I.A.M. family member.

Revelatory Articles

articles of faith for your attention, written by wayne c. anderson; story teller, revelator, teacher & lover of Yehovah. this is a feast that you won’t want to miss and these articles are sure to broaden your dreams & your hopes.

Wayne & Stephanie

wayne & stephanie anderson are the apostolic leaders of standsure ministries. with a global outreach having established ministries in over 30 nations on six continents & a voice of the wisdom of the kingdom of heaven in the lives of the leaders of nations, wayne & stephanie bring a highly spiritual experience to everything that they do