The Table of the Lord

The Lamb is Yehovah’s “secret weapon of mass destruction against the evil of the world.” Communion – the Table of the Lord – is protection for your household – your family. Come to the Father’s table with Wayne & Stephanie. We are here for you! Get some bread & juice & sit down with us at the Table Of The Lord.

Tableview #1 : An Introduction the Father's Table

The Lamb is the “secret weapon of mass destruction against the world’s evil forces.” Come dine with Wayne & Stephanie at the Father’s table where your victory & protect of your family is found. Welcome to Tableview with Wayne & Stephanie!

Tableview #2 : Welcome to the Father's Table

Wayne reads the introduction of our book, “Communing with the Father at the Table of the Lord.” This is a warm, emotional view of the Father’s house and His great and glorious table. You are going to love this so get your bread and juice/wine ready!

Tableview #3: The Night of the Lamb!

Passover! The night that the Lamb won the battle of all time! Yahovah’s secret weapon of mass destruction against the kingdom of darkness and all evil. That weapon would never be expected. That weapon was and is the Lamb of Yahovah!

Tableview #4: The Journey!

From the Passover, there is the Journey! The victory of the Lamb of God gives us our Journey in the Lamb! From the Table Of The Lord, Abba gives us our victorious Journey in the person of the Son of the living God – Jesus Christ. 

Tableview #5: Deep Forgiveness!

During the momentous “night in which He was betrayed” at the Passover Table Of The Lord, Jesus Christ profoundly and prophetically tells Simon Peter that he would sin and reject the Lord. Yet the “Deep Forgiveness” prepares a healing place for Simon, delivering him out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Abba’s dear Son!

Tableview #6: Love One Another

The great heart of the Father and the Son are revealed at the Table Of The Lord! His loving words of love and trust in those who belong to Him. Those who have His name called upon them are His people. Their commission is to love each other – with His LOVE and not their own. 

Tableview #7: In My Father’s House

At the Table Of The Lord, we are IN the Father’s House, and we are seated at His great and glorious table. Our “Tableview” is heavenly and not earthy. We view the wonderful promises and gifts that He gives – we are an intricate part of the entire household of our heavenly Father. Come on into your Father’s House.  

Tableview #8: Trust In Him For Life

The promises of Yehovah our heavenly Father are found by the revelation at the Table Of The Lord. Where He goes – we go – both WITH and IN Him. He is both WITH and IN us. Take up your comfort and trust here at His table of promises. Come on into your Father’s House.

Tableview #9: Witchcraft Made Null & Void

Wayne & Stephanie deviate from the planned Table Of The Lord trail through the book of John to take you to a needed victorious place. Coming to the Table Of The Lord and taking a stand against witchcraft, satanism, and evil forces of wickedness by the Word of the Lord and our Table Proclamations! Let us be free for, “it was for freedom that Christ has set us free!”

Tableview #10: "Miracle of ONE - The Holy Ghost Happening!"

The Promise of the Holy Ghost! This is where the action starts – the Holy Ghost fun begins! We must never underestimate the heart of the Father to give us His very best. From this promise came fire from heaven and now two millennia of miracles! It starts at the Table Of The Lord! Come on!

Tableview #11: "Jesus IS the Vine!"

Wayne & Stephanie talk about the vine (Jesus) and the whole vineyard (The Kingdom) and how the Father loves every part of the vineyard. Find more about what pruning is and what pruning does.

Wayne & Stephanie Anderson

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