Table Of The Lord 

Video experience, partaking of communion with author and global apostolic voice, Wayne C. Anderson. You’ll want to start at the beginning and journey with Wayne as he leads us in the victorious path of delivering power.
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“Thy Kingdom Come! Thy will be done! On Earth as it is in heaven!

View 21: Welcome To The Father's Table!

Welcome! To the Father’s Table! Wayne reads the exciting visual of the Introduction to the book, “Communing With the Father at the Table Of The Lord”
This view is exciting and personal. The heavenly view of the Father’s house. So come!
22 mins

View 20: Redeemed! By The Blood of the Lamb!

I believe that it is exceedingly important that every believer understand the strategic love that the Father calculatedly exampled in the 7 ways that Yeshua (Jesus) shed His Blood for the sins of the world.
In this view of the Table of the Lord, we’ll examine those 7 world changing events in the passion of our Master.
25 mins, 10 secs

View 19: In My Father’s House At the Table (John 14)

“The LORD is good and His Mercy endures forever! Jesus has prepared a place for the believer in the Father’s great house and in this view of His magnificent table we’ll find the revelation of His promised place – the place that we run to! The safe place.

The Father has purchased the house with the Blood of the Lamb.
The Lamb now dwells inside the house.

“In My Father’s house are many dwelling places;
if it were not so, I would have told you;
for I go to prepare a place for you.”

Let’s look at some important words and both the Greek & Hebrew languages involved herein. Our Father’s house. So, Come.

25 mins

View 18: Wealth Is Restored At the Table Of The Lord

The Children of God were delivered out of the land of Egypt but to where? The land of promise. The land of their relationship with their creator. The land prospered them. This is a Kingdom principle. The wisdom of the Father.
Colossians 1:13
“He delivered us from the authority of darkness,
and transferred us to the kingdom of the Son the Love of Him.”
Your wealth begins with your heart-shift toward your land. If you love and honor your land it will return its strength to you. This is an exciting table view!
26 mins

View 17: The Kiss of Betrayal - The Table Of The Lord

In this view of the Table Of The Lord we will confront the effects of betrayal in our lives and in the lives or our family. We’ll come to an intimate understanding of what the kiss of Judas Iscariot meant and how he left the table into the night where sin and death reigned.
At this table we will destroy and disintegrate the effect of betrayal by the (exousias) authority of pdf the New Love Covenant.
We will return the kiss to its proper covenant position in our live.
You won’t want to miss this time at the Table Of The Lord.
20 mins 17 secs

View 16: The Amen Is At The Table Of The Lord

Amen & amen. The use of this word/term is widespread and virtually unknown. Agreement? Yes but so much more than a simple agreement.
Amen goes deep and is the Presence of the Lamb of God at the table.
You won’t see this Great Amen the same after you take this new view of the Table Of The Lord.
Let’s go! AMEN!

21min. 04sec.

View 15: Elijah’s Chair - The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me

By tradition, there is an empty (decorative) chair at every Jewish Passover table. It is called Elijah’s Chair. It is to bring joy in remembrance of the promise from Yehovah that He is sending Elijah to restore the hearts of the family. Passover is for family. Abba is in charge and the world will bow to His will and His ways.
Come Kingdom of God! Be done will of God! On earth as in heaven!

21min. 50sec.

View 14: The Sign! Passover Deliverance!

This is an exciting look into the power of the “Sign & Portent” of the Passover Lamb. By our faith in the Blood of the Lamb we mark our homes so that no evil with befall us and no plague come near our dwelling place – our home – our family. You don’t want to miss this view of the Table Of The Lord. 

21min. 22sec.

View 13: His Presence At His Table

The focus of our faith is the Presence of the Lamb at the Table Of The Lord. My sincere hope is that you will feel the Presence of the Holy One when you partake of the Table Of The Lord with me while you watch this video. No evil will befall you and no plague come hear your home because of His glorious Presence!

17min. 31sec.

View 12: By Who’s Stripes You Were Healed

Isaiah had a messianic vision of the future seeing the pure justice of heaven come to earth. The innocent Lamb is the strategic wisdom of Yehovah to destroy the serpent code of pain, sickness & disease in your body. Come to this great Table Of The Lord with Wayne C. Anderson and receive the prayer of faith and be healed.

22min. 23sec.

View 11: The Mystery of the Wisdom! Passover Deliverance!

The sacrifice of the Lamb was the strategic work of wisdom that Yehovah used to defeat the works of the kingdom of darkness. We have watched evil mounting it’s control against the righteous in this generation. The world has radically changed over the past 10 decades and 10 decades is but a scratch on the timeline of humankind and creation. The Lamb is the secret wisdom of the Creator of all that exists. The lamb in itself is so weak that the serpent of old cannot fathom its power over evil.

22min. 23sec.

View 10: Unto a Thousand Generations! Passover Deliverance!

“This day shall be to you one of remembrance: you shall celebrate it as a festival to Yehovah throughout your generations; you shall celebrate it as a statute of remembrance for all time.” – Exodus 12:14
“It is a night to be observed for the Lord for having brought them out from the land of Egypt; this night is for Yehovah, to be observed by all the children of Israel throughout their generations.” Exodus
In our homes we remember the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of this world. That Lamb places the blessings of Yehovah on our “children’s children as many as are afar off” – for a thousand generations.

24min. 49sec.

View 9: Captivated! at the Table

Now, I don’t want to know about God. I want to to be captivated by my love for Him. I want to be constantly aware of His love for me. Then, I want to journey in oneness with Him to love those whom He loves. Each step is – cool. Captivated!

20min. 36sec.

View 8: The Presence of the Lamb at the Table

The testimony of the Blood of the Lamb upon the portal of the home declares that there is a Lamb on the inside. The also speaks of the Presence of the Lamb within us. The main point of Passover – Communion is His Presence! In His Presence is the only obedience that is worth anything unto Yehovah. Come to the table of His Presence.

20min. 26sec.

View 7: Ask of Me At the Table of the Lord

The Table Of The Lord gives us a strong position to ask for the nations as our inheritance. The great commission is the divine tension between the world that is made up of our own home verses the nations of the world and the need for a harvest of those nations. Open wide your heart and let the nations come into the Table Of The Lord with you. “Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession.” Psalms 2:8


View 6 : Found! At the Passover!

In your darkest hour He found you! Perhaps, you found Him there, pursuing you by His great Love. The children of Yahweh were sought out in the midst of their troubles by the Lord of the angel armies! Rescued! Thus, we are rescued. Come to His table – its where you belong

13min. 46sec.

View 5 : Perfect Love From the Table

“Fear is not in love. But, perfect love casts out fear. Because fear has punishment, the one fearing has not been perfected in love. We love Him because He first loved us.” We can be delivered from fear at the Table Of The Lord! Let’s talk about fear – let’s face the enemy fear, together.


View 4 : Piercing the Veil from the Table

Salvation plan for your loved ones! Salvation for your loved ones who cannot see the glorious light of the gospel of Christ! From the Table Of The Lord, Wayne C. Anderson equips you to pierce the veil that blinds the minds and hearts of your unsaved loved ones. Come to this table!

20min. 57sec.

View 3 : Deliverance! By Hand of the Lord!

Deliverance! By Hand of the Lord! Passover means our deliverance today as much as anytime in history. Passover it the prophetic declaration of our deliverance from the spirit of this world and every plague. Communion with Wayne is always an extraordinary experience.

13min. 27sec.

View 2 : The Table Of The Lord & Psalm 91

This is a study of the 91st Psalm at the Passover Table. Psalm 91 is the 2nd Psalm penned by Moses and refers to the deliverance of God’s children from the bondage of the world – Egypt through the Lord’s power of Passover. 

15 min. 02 sec.

1st View : The Table Of The Lord is Revealed

The first video view for our revelation of the Table Of The Lord and the Passover of our Deliverance.

14min. 14 sec.

Wayne C. Anderson

Wayne C. Anderson

Wayne has been a global apostolic leader for over 4 decades and has been a loving influence in the lives and ministries of thousands of people.